Enjoy Local Pizza in Morrisville, PA

Grab a slice of our famous Chambersburg tomato pie

Don't settle for ordinary mass-produced pies from the local pizza restaurant chain. Instead, savor freshly made sausage, chunky tomatoes and rich mozzarella cheese packed into a slice of Chambersburg tomato pie. The menu at La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant is heavy on authentic Italian dishes.

Chef Gino Lenti relies on his mother's recipes for many of the meals we serve. Taste what you've been missing by visiting the premier pizza restaurant in Morrisville, PA.

Delight your senses at La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant

Want to satisfy your craving for delicious Italian food? Find fresh, local pizza in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. From the moment you walk through the door, you'll be surrounded by the romantic sights and heady aromas of Italy.

Want to experience something really special? La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant features Italian Night once a month. Call 215-736-3113 right now to make your reservation.

Serving the best in local pizza since 1982

La Villa Pizza & Family Restaurant is a BYOB pizza restaurant in Morrisville, Pennsylvania. We're renowned for our Chambersburg tomato pie, but our menu is loaded with tasty Italian comfort food options.

Guests love us for our:

Local pizza and Italian cuisine
Welcoming family atmosphere
Top-notch customer service

Relax and enjoy our family style pizza restaurant today.